"Si no hay café para todos, no habrá café para nadie."
Ernesto Che Guevara

Where we come from

In 1952 Modest Delsams began his journey in the world of coffee.

They were difficult times after the Spanish Civil War and the recently ended Second World War. Coffee was totally controlled by the state in Spain and at first the business started outside the law until it was authorised in 1960.

In the early eighties I joined the company and a few years later I was joined by my brother Albert.

As you can see we have a long history in the wonderful world of coffee.


The experience we have acquired over the company’s long history makes us aware that we cannot neglect innovation or incorporation of knowledge from other cultures and the new systems of preparation that this modern world without borders offers us.

For this reason, four years ago, Blai Delsams, the third generation of the family in the company gained his certification from the SCAE as Barista Level I and II. He specialises in the preparation of all types of coffees and blended drinks, as well as the tasting, selection and manufacture of coffee blends for espresso, filter etc.

We continue our journey through the world of coffee, looking for people who want to change the relationship of customer and supplier to one of fellow travellers.

Why we are different

Over the years we have been faithful to our slow toasting system always using only Holm oak wood from the Montsec and the almond Shell from Las Garrigues.

All the coffees we sell and the blends we create for our customers are toasted with the same care and attention modifying the toast depending on the origin and the qualities we want from the coffees we have chosen for our blends.

We hope to continue the tradition that impregnates our coffees with such distinctive aromas and, if possible, the daily coffee that helps us overcome the difficulties of the day.

The company

To date we have 16 staff with one handicapped member of staff giving them an equal participation in society that benefits everyone in society. The staff, like the owners are nationals, so the benefits from the company are kept locally.

Talking about 0Km coffee is difficult as coffee, because of its climatic requirements, is not grown close to us. But we do buy from known farmers, especially our special coffees and our commercial buyers like our staff and owners are kept as local as possible. We have no problems changing our providers as long as they can offer us the same or similar terms and proximity.


The distribution of our products is always with our own transport or a transport agency that we have authorised. Transport complies strictly with current regulations and food safety protocols that our company has implemented.


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